How Easy Is A Custom Snapchat Filter

 written by Liz Laenger April 3, 2016

You know you’re cool when your friend makes you a custom Snapchat filter for your birthday, and it displays during your party at its very location! Yes, my lifelong, chemical engineer friend, Kelley Green, is very cool. Although, she disagrees and says anyone with this job title is automatically “not cool”. 

She is a gorgeous, funny, sweet and loyal friend. That equals cool in my book, so she got a custom filter from me. How hard was it? Not very. Snapchat makes it pretty easy. I read a few articles from friends in the biz and got insights from people who had already done it. What a cool idea!  

Incase you haven’t tried it yet, Snapchat is a new(er) social media platform that people of all ages are using to tell stories about the last 24 hours of their lives. After taking a pic or short vid, they can then add drawings or stickers to exaggerate whatever they are talking about. Here is my Snapcode. Screen shoot this and check out my story or add me as your friend.

It’s true, there are many accounts of business owners who are able to monetize their Snapchat accounts. I’ve been told to screenshot while watching Snapchat, and the screens contain the link to the product or website. It is definitely working for some. But selling on Snapchat at this point can be tricky. I will try it but not until I have all my links in place and my content planned. I will build a following using the type of content I will be promoting first. Right now, I’m using my Snapchat account just like most everyone else … for fun.  

Once I notice that a social platform has traction and my business or clients can use it, I will spend the time to figure it out. I have been on Snapchat for about a year and am now definitely know how to use it to promote. I have a good understanding of how to get views by promoting on other platforms. Using giveaways is a great idea, and promoting from an actual event is great exposure and will bring in new followers at very little cost.  

The latest update on Snapchat is great, and I’m getting 20% higher views. By constantly adding filters, Snapchat keeps everyone engaged on the platform. People are there to have fun, so that is my advice … have fun, or better yet, be fun! If you’re going to make a filter for your business or event, then make it fun.   

So, Kelley’s party was really fun. People loved using the custom filter I made, and since it’s still so new, It was the talk of the party … that smart, cute, techy, party member over there made that! (Im not sure if that is an actual quote, there was a lot of drinking going on)

If you need help making a filter, check out my friend, @garyvaynerchuck 's article. Or  you can make a generic one through Snapchat itself here.

Happy Snapping, and cheers to the upcoming platform! If you aren’t using it now, mark my words … you will be soon!



Come on you gotta try it!!!  Snapchat is a fun activity all by itself!

Yours in Success,
Liz Laenger